About Exhibition

Dear exhibition participants,

The international exhibition of Sculpture and Photography "IN FAMILY UNITY - UNITY OF THE WORLD" will continue to function only as the international exhibition of Photography.

Greetings from the artists :

Rowan Gillespie. Ireland

For this exhibition I have made a sculpture which is beside me here – called “The Victim”. In Ireland we traditionally have large families that care for each other wherever they are in the world but there have been times in Irish history when people have died, people have lost their lives because of hunger – starvation. And children have found themselves on their own with nobody to love or care for them. Also now, in this time when we have more food than ever before there are still those that don’t manage to survive in this society of ours. And find themselves on their own, on the streets, with nobody. This is the inspiration for this sculpture.
I myself have a small family, a brother, my wife, two children and two grandchildren.
I hope that the exhibition will be well received around the world, that people will appreciate it because I do believe, and this is why I submitted a sculpture for this exhibition, that if we do care for out families then we will care for our country, our continent and then maybe we will have unity in the world.
I wish the very best to the organizers of this exhibition which I believe will be a huge success.

Christina Jekey. Belgium

I am very happy to participate to this exhibition because it will be travelling around the world and I find it very interesting to be able to see all the different representations of this theme from other artists coming from many different countries.


Here you can have a look at photo and video greetings of the participants and applicants of the International Exhibition “In Family Unity – Unity of the World”; listen to the stories about their families, countries, and get to know their opinion about the exhibition and its main topic “Family, Parents, Children”.


25 November
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